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We love to trace debtors and are passionate about providing an excellent service. Our vehicles are fitted with GPS vehicle tracking systems and video recording equipment to verify visits to properties. With high resolution cameras we can take photographs of premises and location layouts to correctly identify addresses.

A factual report is provided detailing results of the work carried out including communications, conversations and any photographs taken at the premises during a visit.

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Every year millions of people move home and the majority of these often fail to tell creditors of their new address resulting in millions of pounds being written off accounts simply because a creditor is unable to make contact with their customer.

We provide a professional, swift and effective service to trace debtors who have absconded due to money they owe. We are highly flexible providing tracing services for small, medium or large businesses. We will work with your Insolvency and Debt Recovery Unit (IDRU) if you have one, with our aim to provide high quality tracing services.

Status Reporting

Successful debt recovery depends on being able to locate the debtor. If the debtor has absconded, the chances of recovery are very much reduced. Our advanced tracing and status reporting service is an excellent way to trace and locate debtors.

If a debtor has moved from his/her last known address we can identify and verify the current address of the debtor by visiting the property to confirm the occupancy with photographs and communication with the debtor. The findings are presented in a simple to read status report. 
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