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Successful Debt recovery depends on being able to locate the debtor even if they have moved address several times.
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Status Reporting is providing a factual report on the status of the debtor to enable a debt to be recovered.
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Unlike many companies providing tracing services, we make house visits to confirm the location of the debtor.

Trace & Status Report Services Limited provide a comprehensive tracing service, furnishing our customers with the address of the person they are trying to trace plus detailed contact information including a report on visits made to confirm the debtors address details. We are able to locate and trace even the most elusive of debtors who seem to have disappeared: current clients are always surprised by the consistency of our debtor tracing services, where other tracing agencies have failed or have given up on the search.

‘I have used Trace & Status Report Services Limited many times over the years and they have always provided a very professional and efficient Tracing service. The staff are always courteous and have a very sound knowledge of regulatory requirements and can be depended on to provide the required results. I have on occasion also had to avail of the services of their sister company Debt Collection Services Ireland Limited in recovering debts for me due to the results obtained by the Tracing service. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of either Trace & Status Report Services Limited or Debt Collection Services Ireland Limited’

David Coils

David Coils Farm, Garden & Solid Fuel Supplies

‘I have been using Trace & Status Report Services Limited for a considerable time for my Tracing requirements and during that time I have found them to be very knowledgeable, conscious of timescales and a pleasure to work with. I find their reports to be extremely useful in helping us make the next decision regarding debt collection. I regard them as my go-to firm for Tracing. I cannot speak highly enough of their professional and extremely helpful team. I would sincerely recommend Trace & Status Report Services Limited to companies who require a Tracing service.’

Maurice Millar

Housing Manager, Triangle Housing Association

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